A Day At The Beach

Lincoln city has an outlet mall. This outlet mall is a little different from the other outlet malls in Portland because it has a Coach store. Our original plan was for me to shop at the Coach store and my husband can take the girls out for a bike ride at the beach.

Some photos taken from the car.

Rare moments of quiet and smiles in the car.

Daddy, Little Tiger and Little Dragon preparing for their bike rides on the beach.

Our original plan failed because our 22 month old Little Chicken wasn’t cooperative. So, I ended up playing with her at the beach. Little Chicken splashed sand into our camera while I was taking her photograph. This is probably the last photos taken using our existing camera. However, I thank God that I am still able to retrieve these precious moments spent with the family.

We found out that it was tough (almost impossible) to ride a bike on loose sand. It was easier to ride closer to the beach, where the wheels touch the water from the waves.


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10 responses to “A Day At The Beach

  1. wow… it’s great to run away from the busy step of the city! I love biking too but what i can do is only cyclen in the RPM class in my gym…sad sad..

  2. Jackson
    You must be busy working for you to be only riding in the gym and not riding around the countryside enjoying fresh air.

    It is a long weekend here (Memorial Day weekend) and my 2 girls are going riding with Daddy again this afternoon.

    I will be shopping with the baby for a new camera that is sand-proof. I wonder if there is such a camera?

  3. Can the camera be cleaned?

  4. Jonzz,

    Do you have suggestions to how to fix my camera?

    My husband tried using a hair dryer to remove the sand. It’s tough. I think the sand were pushed in all the way to the back of the camera when we turned off the camera.

    After finding out that it may cost more to fix it, we decided to just buy a new camera. This time, we purchase an accidental insurance for our camera. It is $79 for 4 years. With this plan, they will also replace our battery one time for free. So, if we accidentally drop our camera it will be fixed for free.

  5. Honestly, no. Try googling it.

    I mean, it would be a real pity to just throw away a good camera.

    Since you already decided on purchasing a new one, why not try to clean yourself and salvage it? Just a comment. I’m no DIY expert; more destroyer than restorer.

  6. Jonzz,

    Good suggestions. You can find almost anything on Google.

    There is a brother at church who has offered to help us out. So, we will bring our camera to him this Friday.

  7. wmw

    So nice to see your family outing shots. Hope your camera is repairable.

  8. Dear WMW,

    I remember you like to travel. I am glad you enjoyed our outing’s photos. We are going on Alaska cruise with my parents and mother in law in a few months. Stay tuned.

    We had a great time at the beach. However, getting there was a bit of a challenge. Little Dragon was very fussy and was whining in the car. Thank God, the beach was only an hour and half drive.

    After reading my post, my dad also said that he hope the camera can be repaired. I told him that it was cheaper to buy a new one than to send it in for repair. Labor here in the US is expensive.

  9. wmw

    Looking forward to more holiday pics from you, Lee Ping….Nice to have this photos for memories.

  10. Dear WMW,
    Yes, it is nice to have photos for memories, especially digital ones, where we can do editing easily.

    Blog (my digital scrapbook) is one great present I can leave my kids with. They love looking at their own photos on my blog.

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