Look Mommie….

I’m happy!

Still happy.

Hymm, what’s this?

Let’s take a closer look…

Aah, it’s a bee!




Filed under Stream in the Hip Desert 新沙漠甘泉

12 responses to “Look Mommie….

  1. tina

    Hey, this is a super funny one!!
    I still long for your view.

  2. LOL datz farnie, hei when’s your birthday? Just in case I am not around, I want to wish you Happy Birthday, first, hope it’s a wonderful day for you.

  3. Dear Tina,
    有個愛主的家, 優於百萬個金幣.
    Welcome to my blog. It is a funny one, isn’t it? I was prompted to post this article when someone who read my blog, privately, told me that she sensed sadness in my writing. I thought, “That is not a good testimony for a Christian.” I should be happy, not sad, because Christ will wipe off my tears and fill me with joy.
    You are always welcome back for a cup of coffee and enjoy the view from our house.
    p/s Please call one day ahead, so that I can tidy the house, and buy extra food. 🙂
    Dear KopiSoh,
    Thanks for coming by! You remembered my birthday. It is May 25th. My 3 friends from Singapore are taking me out to lunch. It is already a good day, because you came by. 🙂
    p/s I saw your post on House sitcom.

  4. wmw

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    The pics tells such a cute story!

  5. Hahaha.. so funny and so CUTE!

  6. Dear WMW,
    Actually, your wish came just in time. It is May 25 in US! Thank you very much. Can I know your birthdate so that I can send you a wish as well?

    Dear Beckysmum,
    I am glad that you find it funny and cute. Decided to post a different kind of 心灵鸡汤. You are back from watching your 连续剧? I missed reading your comments and your blog.
    p/s I noticed you just posted. So, Daddy is finally home. It must have been the longest week you spent with Anne alone. I know how that feels because it was the same with me this week. I will be at your blog shortly to comment. Also, did you make the popiah that Anne is eating?

  7. alice

    Hope I am not too late. Happy Birthday and may you have a blessed one!

  8. Dear Alice,
    No, you are not late. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. Blogging is so rewarding!

  9. your place looks sweet! nice environment

  10. Lotsofcravings,
    With God’s blessing, we have a nice home with a beautiful city view.
    p/s Congratulations on your photos. The food looks so real that I can almost taste it.

  11. wmw

    Hee hee…I was born on Halloween Day, Oct 31st!

  12. Dear WMW,
    Do you dress up for your birthday? How about your guests? That’s a good date to remember 🙂 My husband’s birthday is also in October. 🙂

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