Tipsy Strawberry (醉酒草莓)

Five years ago, when we were still living in Dallas, Texas, we used to go to a French Cafe called La Madeline. There is a refreshing dessert that I almost always order. I have tried to replicate that dessert here.

(Adapted from Refreshing after Dinner Treats by Joanne Poon.)

Sprinkle sugar over cleaned strawberries and chill for 1 hour. Add a little Grand Marnier and/or a little Sherry and chill for another 1 hour.

Note: To reduce the marination/refrigeration time, gently dry the washed strawberries using a paper towel, cut the strawberries into smaller pieces, sprinkle sugar and add liquor at the same time.

Optionally, you can top the strawberries with vanilla cream by beating 200g mascarpone cheese, 2 tbsp sugar, 1 cup fresh cream, 1 pod vanilla pod (cut pod vertically and use only the insides). Vanilla pods are expensive, so, often I substitute with 1/2 tsp of vanilla essence.



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7 responses to “Tipsy Strawberry (醉酒草莓)

  1. Hi there. I like strawberries sliced and simply dusted with ground raw sugar. I used to whip up some cream with a bit of icing sugar but figured it was too calorie-laden. Heh.

    I live in Switzerland but find that the Swiss-grown strawberries are about 20 to 25 percent more expensive than the ones imported from Italy and Spain.

    How’s the weather in Portland (Oregon, US, is it?)?

  2. Dropped by from Argus’s blog. The dessert looks so yummy . . . but I don’t have the patience to wait so long!

  3. Peter Chong

    Hi Lee Ping,
    Your recipe on the strawberries looks so sumptuous and it has really placate our appetites for a good meal.
    Looking forward to sample your dessert upon our next visit to you and your family in August,2007.
    Papa and mom

  4. Argus,
    Yes, it is Portland Oregon. Today’s weather couldn’t be more perfect. After reading your post on bread, I was inspired to make homemade pizza. The kids had a great time eating pizza outdoor in their new picnic table.
    Tunku Halim,
    I usually make this dessert 2 hours before dinner time but it is possible to reduce the marination time even further. I have updated my post (even fixed a typo) to give a suggestion on how to achieve that.
    Dearest Pa,
    I don’t think you can enjoy this one though because it has sugar. Mom would frown if you attempt to eat this dessert, or any other dessert 🙂

  5. That’s a beautiful picnic table, Mrs HBT. Pink! And with flowers painted on. Did y’all paint it or put it together yourselves?
    Glad to have encouraged you to bake more. I’m so in love with baking I’m embarrassed to tell you sometimes I read a cookbook like a thriller. ^_^

  6. alice

    It’s also the strawberry season over here. Japanese like to eat them with condensed milk.

  7. Argus,
    You are a cookbook expert, then. Some are better written than others, right? The picnic table came painted. My engineer husband put it all together.
    Dear Alice,
    Eating strawberry with condensed milk is brilliant, especially when the strawberry is not sweet. 🙂

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