Just Make Another Boat

I heard a story at church this past Sunday. A woman asked a little boy where is God? The little boy said, “God lives in me because I have heard him spoke to me”.

The little boy explained how God spoke to him. He said he was making paper boats with his younger brother. Upon completion, his younger brother asked if they could trade their boats. When the little boy refused, his younger brother tore up the little boy’s paper boat.

The little boy felt so angry that he wanted to tear his brother’s boat as well. Then, he heard God speaking to him, “Don’t tear up your brother’s boat, just make another boat”. Oh, I have much to learn from this little boy.



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8 responses to “Just Make Another Boat

  1. ilene ong

    Hi Lee Ping,

    Children are God’s gift. They are so innocent until …. mmmm ….

    I owe you a reply to your email. Will try to get down to it one fine day! You know what, I feel so honoured that you’ve categorised me under ‘Inspirational Blogs’. Actually, I thought the articles in my blog were more depressing than inspirational! Am glad to have found a friend in you.

    P/s: Don’t delete your recipes. I would like to try some of them. You’ve got some very interesting recipes.

  2. Dear Ilene,
    I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to start replying to my backlog of comments. I should stop at replying to yours because it is really late here. I know I have replied to you earlier via email. But, I will add some more here…

    I am also glad to have found a friend in you. Your blog has been inspirational to me because you care for your Mom who suffers from Myelodysplastic Syndrome. I thank God that my parents are healthy and all my younger sisters (and brother) are chipping in to keep them company.

    p/s I will continue to revise my recipes, posting better food photos. It is a good learning experience for me and a good way for me to pass on family recipes to my kids. Something comes to mind, I need to learn how to backup my posts.

  3. alice

    I like that boat story – reminds of ways to turn the other cheek. Good story, will KIV it for my chapel in church school next month. Thanks.

  4. Dear Alice,
    Brought tears to my eyes when I heard it on Sunday. The little boy in the boat story is in our church. The woman who was asking the questions was preparing him for a baptismal.
    KIV? I need to look up what that means.

  5. alice

    KIV means keep in view. How old is the boy who is going to be baptised?

  6. Dear Alice,
    My daughter said 11 years old. They are not in the same class but she knows him.

  7. alice

    Chinese boy and how old is the younger brother?

  8. Dear Alice,

    My daughter is asleep now, so I can’t ask her. I should find out who are these Chinese boys. Our church is not very big. I may see them tomorrow at bible study or on Sunday. I will let you know. I guess if you KIV my story, you will need to know their ages 🙂

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