Tagged Favorite Food – Nasi Lemak

Thanks Kopi Soh (Fire Horse) for giving me the opportunity to learn about tag. For the original list of “taggers”, please refer to her article.

Topic: What is your favorite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious picture.

Nasi Lemak is my all time favorite Malaysian food. I can eat this dish every day. Here’s what I usually have in my Nasi Lemak: coconut rice, achar, curry chicken with okra, cucumber, cashew nut, shrimp sambal, egg, ikan bilis.

Traditionally, Nasi Lemak is served with salted peanuts with skin still in-tact. When Mom visited us last, she suggested using cashew nut. That is the beauty of this dish, you can compliment with any other side dishes. Another example is to substitute, curry chicken with deep fried belachan chicken or even beef rendang. How about adding satay with Nasi Lemak? The different combination is endless. Ultimately, what makes Nasi Lemak is the rice itself; Cooked fragrant rice mix with coconut milk.

I just found out my youngest sister is a fan of Rasa Malaysia. After I dropped by her fan’s blog, I understand why.  So, instead of describing how I cook my Nasi Lemak. I will just link to Rasa Malaysia‘s version.

Now I would like to tag the following 5 bloggers (in alphabetical order): –

Becky’s Mom
BuBu – Mom is kid’s first teacher
Eat First Think Later
Kazmic – Gastronomical Voyage
Lydia Teh



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5 responses to “Tagged Favorite Food – Nasi Lemak

  1. Clap, clap clap, whoo hoo you did it, thank you. Mmmm nasi lemak, my son’s favorite food, I like it too, yum meh.

  2. alice

    U got your own interesting version of nasi lemak and what a unique dish. Thought it was a real banana leaf at first glance.

  3. Hi there, thanks for linking me…who is your sister? 😉

  4. Please sign your autograph as “To LeeLi”. She will be so excited that you said hi.

  5. I love nasi lemak too! Thanks for the tag but so sorry ah, nowadays really got too little time to reply.

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