Three Men at King’s Peak

Recently, we saw a film at IMAX theater, “Everest”. It was a true story where climbers risked their lives to climb the highest mountain in the world. I was brought to tears when family men died or lose part of their body. There is a kind of excitement in mountain climbing but I think it takes a smart person to know his limitations, be well educated and to be well equipped.

The following are photos taken by my husband’s recent mountain climbing adventure. It is not Mount Everest but it is still a very challenging climb. Thumbs up, Guys, for your successful climb.

The leader (Ed)
Professional climber
(Also works with my husband during the day as a Manager and as an Engineer. Never try to challenge him to a marathon. He is a winner!)

My husband
(started climbing a year ago)

Dr. Pan
(member of the mountain climbing club)

More photos…

Wild flowers (“Heart, why didn’t you pick some home for me?”)

My husband specially took the following 2 photos for me because I will never see the following guest book and mailbox in my lifetime since I have never and will never climb mountain. Very thoughtful.

Guest Book (Sign the guest book and insert it back into this blue cylinder, to certify that you have climbed this mountain.)

Mail Box (After you sign the guest book, insert the blue cylinder back into this wooden mail box.)



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5 responses to “Three Men at King’s Peak

  1. alice

    Aiya, very brave. Heights not for me lah. Climbing down the mountain that scares me more than climbing up. I prefer the beach to hills or mts.!

  2. Wahhh the leader looks like bill gates!!!

  3. I like the view from top of the mountain! So beautiful! Why you so sure you will never climb mountain? 😛

  4. Leena

    My dearest sister, Happy Birthday. I’m so proud of you, always have and always will. Thanks for all the love, inspiring me to be a better person and a great mum.

  5. Dear Alice,
    I agree with you! Besides climbing is bad for my knees. 🙂
    I always wonder is the reason my husband like to climb mountain because he is closer to God? In the book of John, Jesus took people up to the mountains and preached to them there. I highly encourage my husband to go on these kinds of healthy activities.
    Dear Teckiee,
    I told my husband your comment and he agreed with you, the leader, does look like Bill Gates.
    Dear Beckysmum,
    My husband thinks that I will never climb mountain. You are right, who knows one day, I too, may climb mountain.
    Dearest LeeNa,
    大感謝, 這是最好的生日禮物!
    p/s Hey Sis, how come you pick this article to send your wishes to me? Perhaps, you are reminding me to post my comments for this article.

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