Taiwanese Sandwich

This is my husband’s all time comfort food! A beautiful tea sandwich that is great for snacks, kid’s lunch box, picnic or even breakfast. Traditionally, this sandwich is made out of white bread. I used whole wheat bread instead.


Start with fresh soft bread and an Asian mayonnaise. Uwajimaya sells mayonnaise in squeeze bottle. There is one even with minimal or no cholesterol. (My 22 month old helped me spread the mayonnaise on the bread.)

Before assembling this multistoried sandwich, I beat 2 omega-III eggs in a bowl, pour the beaten egg onto a heated pan, pour out extra back to the bowl. Once the egg is set, transfer to a plate. Continue to make the egg pancake until the bowl is empty. I made almost 4 egg pancake with just 2 eggs.

Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise onto the bread. The first layer, I used Trader Joes’s persian cucumber (it is smaller than English cucumber). The next layer, I used the egg pancake. Since my egg pancake was round, I simply fold in the extras, as shown in the photo. The final layer, I used Trader Joe’s black forest ham, but any ham will work. Honey baked ham would taste great as well.

Once the layers are done, use a sharp knife to cut into half or quarter. When I serve this to guests, I usually trim the sides.


While I was preparing the sandwiches, my husband assembled the new picnic table for the kids.





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2 responses to “Taiwanese Sandwich

  1. Very pretty sandwiches. Good to get the whole family involved…even the 22 month old! hehe.

  2. blackforest ham is damn good..once i went there..i never liked the cheap ham..esp those wif the mince meat feeling..

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