I Prayed For You

Proverbs 12:25
Worry makes a man’s heart heavy.
But a kind word cheers him up.

When I spend time reading God’s words in the morning, I find that my days are lengthened, i.e., I get more than 24 hours a day. I also find that I gain more strength and able to complete more projects.

Prayer is powerful. Treat it as kids talking to their parents.  If your kid asked you to help her friend in need, would you (as a parent) not help your kid’s friend out?  Similarly, God of compassion, will answer our prayers.  I learned that I need to talk to our heavenly Father more often, pray for others, only then will I mature.

In the past, I have been selfish, I have only asked my Angels to pray for me.  This morning, I prayed for you.  And I pray that I will continue this habit daily.  To think more of others rather than myself.  Did you feel my prayers?



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2 responses to “I Prayed For You

  1. You have a very good heart, I am glad I got to know you.

  2. alice

    Heard your prayers. Thanks. Still busy but doing ok.

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