To Mommie, Happy Mother’s Day (Sunday May 13th)

Mom, although your name is Penny, you are worth infinitely more. I have been thinking hard on what to get you for Mother’s Day. The facial cream I bought for you, you said, “Too expensive, must save for special occasion”. A year went by, sister thought it was nobody’s, so she gave it to her friend. The sweater I bought for you, you said, “too lauyah” (old fashion), so it is just sitting there in the closet. Perhaps I could send you a family photo in a frame, but the frame may break in the mail. So, I have decided to give you a raincheck. A raincheck for me to pamper you when you visit me next.

For now, enjoy the following gift from Dad.

To my lovely wife and mother of my children: The journey of life is full of perils, obstacles, and hardship. The crowning of ones life comes in all facets. On this auspicious occasion “Mothers Day”, my thought goes to you. You are instrumental for the success, joy, and happiness of our Chong’s family. Without your unstinted support, devotion, and assistance, the task of building up a family unit is indeed difficult. I say a big “thank you”. You are the best wife and mother to us. You are my sunshine, a bulwark of strength and a reservoir of inspiration for me to build up a united family. You are a good mother who showers your unconditional love to all our children. You are a pillar of strength and your love for us will always be remembered. May God’s grace be with you and His holy spirit be imbibed in you.


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2 responses to “To Mommie, Happy Mother’s Day (Sunday May 13th)

  1. Lee Ping, happy mother’s day!

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