Free Me Lord!

I am too sensitive. Often times, I am hurt by words that people say. When I am hurt, I dwell on it and slowly this hurt turn into resentment.

Free me lord, so that I will not be hurt by sorrow anymore.

Psalm 119
17 Be good to me and I will live. I will obey your word.
21 You correct proud people. They are under your curse. They wander away from your commands.
22 I obey your covenant laws. So don’t let evil people laugh at me or hate me.

Proverbs 12:16
Foolish people are easy upset but wise people pay no attention to hurtful words.

Nyonya Sweet and Sour Fish (娘惹甜酸魚)
This dish is the signature dish on my blog. The best fish for this dish is trout. I love trout because I don’t have to mess with fish scales. The bones are one piece so it is easier to remove. When the fish is fresh, overcooking will not toughen the meat. And leftovers still taste good.

Since this dish was our church pastor’s favorite dish when he was in Malaysia, I described it as “heavenly delicious”. My Mom can make this dish with her eyes closed. I still have to use measuring spoons, but what’s important is the mouth watering end result.

The detailed recipe is in my Nyonya Food Page. The original recipe calls for lime but I have substituted it with lemon instead because I only have lemon in my refrigerator.

Isn’t this serving platter elegant?

Close up view of this dish….

Hip Vietnamese Restaurant

We went to Pho Van Restaurant in Beaverton for lunch this afternoon. We ordered Noodle Soup with Beef Shank and Vermicelli with Lemongrass Grill Chicken. We also ordered shaved ice with coconut cream, red bean, white bean, mung bean and some green and red gelatin pieces.

Such joy…


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  1. I know where I can get trout here. I need to check out your Nyonya page NOW!

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