What Should I Pray?

We have bible study every Friday and before we go home, we would break into smaller groups and everyone would take turn praying aloud.  The week before, my 22 month old baby was fussing, so I did not get to pray.  I felt relieved because I have been afraid of praying in public. 

However, last Friday, before I could have any bad thoughts, the facilitator in our bible study group said, “Let’s all pray first before we begin!”  Okay, there was no escape this time.  I began to think hard what I should pray about. 

The lady who was sitting next to me said, “Can I be skipped?  I do not know how to pray.”  I thought, “Great! There is somebody else who doesn’t know how to pray.”  Without much thought, I took out my hand, touched the lady’s hand, and whispered, “I don’t know how to pray either, and once you hear me pray, you will have the courage to pray.”

What should I pray?  While I turned to my Bible this morning, I found a passage that I like, Psalm 51:10-12.  Perhaps I could use it when I am speaking to God in public.  But first, I would have to translate it to Mandarin.

God, create a pure heart in me. 

Give me a new spirit that is faithful to you. 

Don’t send me away from you. 

Don’t take Your Holy Spirit away from me. 

Give me back the joy that comes from being saved by you. 

Give me a spirit that obeys you. 

That will keep me going.

Japanese Night
Last week, I was still recovering from flu. I found a simple dish to make. Our local Japanese Grocery had frozen packages of Unagi on sale. I bought a few packages. This dish could not be easier. Just open the package and place it into the oven to bake for 10-15 minutes until it is cooked.

The edamame peas are also frozen. Simply open the package and cook in salted boiling water for a few minutes.

For presentation, I placed some cooked brown and white rice into plastic molds. I top with some sesame seeds and roasted seaweed. Quite appetizing, isn’t it?

Miso soup was also simple.  I put in some miso paste into boiling pork bone stock, put in some tofu pieces, seaweed and green onion as garnish.


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