Hall Street Grill

We were at Hall Street Grill yesterday for lunch.  It is our 3rd time there as a whole family.  My husband received a “buy one, get one free entree” coupon, so we used that yesterday. 

The kids meal were not too expensive.  $4.95 will include a kid’s entree, soft drink and a sundae.  The kid’s entree is adult friendly, ie. even I would eat it.  Our meals came with complimentary olive bread and honey butter.  I took a bite of my husband’s Mediterranean chicken sandwich and it tasted great.  I felt the mayonnaise on my dungeness crab melt was too rich and it was overpowering the crab meat.  I need to remember not to order that the next time.

If you go to Hall Street Grill, I recommend that you request an outdoor sitting if the weather is good.  Their backyard has a creek.  You can enjoy nature while eating your meal.

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