Addicted To Blogging?

Tonight, I turned on my computer to check my emails and my blog.  Before long, my 22 month old baby jumped over and sat on my lap preventing me from typing on my laptop.  She started to caress my hair and touch my chin.  With a smile, she turned around and pushed the on/off button!   Before I could react, she said, “sorii”.   I did not get mad at her, instead I thought, am I addicted to blogging?

I read this from another fellow blogger tonight. I liked it so much, that I cut and pasted it here on my blog.   Kenny, thanks!

No, if you’re gonna blog, do it for yourself. Do it cos you want to. Do it so you can share your passions and beliefs and ideas with the rest of the world. (Simply do not expect everyone to agree or feel the same way.) Blog cos you’re happy; blog when you’re sad, when you’re utterly pissed off. (Be careful not to get addicted.)

Blog because when someone finally leaves a comment one day, you know you’ve made a difference in someone’s day: you’ve made him rethink his stand, you’ve made her feel less alone. You’ve become part of a world by giving yourself, as much as you can, as honestly as you can, on your own terms and not a single letter more, and damn if that doesn’t feel good.


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3 responses to “Addicted To Blogging?

  1. Your 22 months say “sori”? Hehe, so clever!! Anne only will push the button and pretend nothing happen or, she will just shout out loud…

  2. Dear Beckysmum,

    I think Anne is smart because when she does something mischievious, she pretends that nothing happened.

    Little Chicken absorbs knowledge like sponge! I remember her first word was “piye” which slowly progressed to “Pu Yao” which means No.

    Sometimes she gets confused between English and Mandarin. For example, when I ask her where are her toes? She will point to her head because “tou” in Mandarin means head.

    This past week, we taught her how to speak in short sentences. For example, “Thank you, Mama”, instead of just “thank you”.

    Her two older sisters like to make fun of her and trick her into saying stupid things. They would ask her, “Are you stupid? Say yes.” I can’t wait for the day where Little Chicken would response by saying, “No, I am not stupid.”

  3. Kenny Mah

    Dear mrshbt,
    Just wanted to drop by and let you know I’ll be taking a week off from blogging/commenting as I have a major project going on right now. Will catch up on your posts once I’m done with it. 🙂

    And what a nice entry — most people think I’m addicted too, but then, if I were, would I take a whole week off from it? Hahaha…

    Real Life comes first, everyone… 😉

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