Persistent Cough

To be honest, I haven’t been praying hard for my cough.  To sleep better at night, I took all kinds of over-the-counter drugs to suppress the cough at night.  When drugs did not work, I tried drinking barley water and steamed asian pear with rock sugar.

However, I slept well last night.  I only started coughing when I woke up this morning.  I have a feeling that someone else must have been praying for me.  My angels, thank you for your prayers

Yummy Homemade Food

Chinese Donut

I used my bread machine to make this last night using Lily‘s recipe.   I improvised her recipe a little.  Instead of making a hole in the middle, I just left it whole.  I named mine Chinese Donut because the taste reminded me of the chinese donuts that chinese buffet usually serves.  I made at least 15 but are you surprise that there are no left overs? 

This recipe is real simple to make.  I just throw all the ingredients into my bread machine, set it to “dough” setting and push the start button.  After the bread machine beeps, I take it out and cut into smaller pieces.  My daughters helped me shape them into rounds and roll each round piece into flat 2 inch pieces.  Even the baby was helping out.  Fun project to do with kids.  When the donut is cooked, you can coat it with sugar or dip it in condensed milk.

After posting this, I received comments about Ham Cheem Paeng.  I thought, yeah, it does look and even taste a little like Ham Cheem Paeng.

Steam Fish (Topped with garlic, ginger, barbeque sauce/sa cha, soy sauce)

I steamed this fresh tilapia in my rice cooker for about 10 minutes.  Again, another simple dish to make.  I had to cut the fish into pieces because my rice cooker cannot accomodate the fish as a whole.  

The key to delicious steam fish is you have to start with fresh fish.   The best fish to buy, is fish that is still swimming in the tank.  However, if that is not available, make sure the fish’s eye is not blurry.  I learned that from my husband!   I think he is a pro when it comes to fish.  The scales are left on the fish as long as possible to preserve the freshness.  Since removing scales from the fish is messy, you can ask the fish monger to clean the fish for you.  

Little Chicken

My Little Chicken is starting to understand the word beautiful.

She is starting to enjoy posing for photos.


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11 responses to “Persistent Cough

  1. Kenny Mah

    I just realised I haven’t eated any “Chinese donuts” in a real long time, be it “yau char kwai” or “ham cheen paeng”… miss the days when I’d walk to my neighbourhood kopitiam and find the “yau char kwai” guy… Yums…

    O and your Little Chicken will soon grow up to become a Beautiful Swan so enjoy those baby years as long as you can. Me, I can’t lift up my nephew anymore, the boy is so heavy! 😉

  2. wmw

    Little Chicken? She’s so cute! For Chinese doughnuts, I like the Ham Chin Pheang types with Red Bean…I did a post of a stall like that…yummy stuff.

  3. Dear WMW,

    Please give me the link to your post on Ham Cheem Paeng. I will link it from my post.

    I miss eating the half butterfly-like donut, sweet, a little crunchy on the exterior but the interior is like bun, usually sold together with Ham Cheem Paeng. Do you have a photo of that?

  4. Kenny,

    You should do a post on your nephew sometime. Commenting on that post would be a breeze for me.

  5. Your little chicken looks so much mature than my little chicken! My girl still very “botak”, cannot use pretty hair-clip!

  6. Kenny Mah

    Hah! A post on my nephew? Don’t want to give him a bigger head than he already has, hahaha…

  7. Dear Beckysmum,

    Mom said, “If you shave her head, she will get more hair.” Since Little Chicken was my 3rd child, I thought I will experiment with her hair. I think Mom’s right, as always!

  8. wmw

    Here it is…

    I think you are talking about “mah kiok”- Horse’s feet. I like that too…but sorry, no pic of that….

  9. mei

    Hi! First time I am commenting on your blog. Just like to share a home remedy for cough with you. Works everytime for our family. Hope it will work for you too.

    Take a bowl of ‘chinese mint leaves’ (in hokkien it’s called ‘po ho’ – velvety type of leaves with a very punget smell) – don’t know the actual name of it. Clean the leaves and boil with exact measurement of water (in this case 1 bowl). Add a few cubes of ‘peng t’ng’ – not too sweet. Discard leaves and drink mixture. (You may cook in slow cooker too). You may cough even more immediatedly after drinking this but the phlegm will be expelled out and you will be fine. Repeat next day if cough persist. Normally a repeat is good enough to cure my cough. Very good for children. No side effects like cold clammy skin or lethargy when taking cough mixture.

  10. Dear Mei,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. I like the idea of using mint. Why didn’t I think of it? I have been taking mint drops to suppress my cough. Summer is approaching and the mint that I planted a few years ago should start to bloom. I will definitely give this a try.

  11. Hi, Mrs HBT. My late mum once told me someone gave her a recipe for soothing a cough — double-boil some cola drink for 45 minutes and drink it while it’s warm. (Don’t do this at night though if you think the caffeine in cola will keep you awake.) ^_^

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