I Am Embarrassed!

It was just a terrible flu.  My head felt like exploding everytime I coughed.  My throat had a lump that just won’t go away even after antibiotics.  My whole body aches and my spirits are low. But worst of all, I could not sleep.  My husband even volunteered to read me Psalm 119.  The cough was so bad that my husband went out to buy medicine in the middle of the night.  Poor guy circled around the neighborhood, only gas station was open and thank God, they sell drugs.

It is not fun to be sick.  However, I thought about the people who are suffering from cancer and other illnesses, I feel embarrassed that I am even blogging about this.

I miss you all…
after looking at these photos that 3rd sister sent.



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4 responses to “I Am Embarrassed!

  1. Peter Chong

    Hi Lee Ping,
    We are very sad to learn that your “flu” still bothers you.
    We are concerned that the lump in your throat
    need to be examined by a physician because normally the throat is a delicate organ.Any foreign body appears should be treated as a top priority.
    Pa and Mom

  2. alice

    lee ping,
    I’ve been so busy these days and down with a sore throat myself. Sorry, I didn’t have time to read your blog until now. Didn’t know about your flu. Like your dad advised, you should see a doctor. Perhaps it’s tonsilitis. Will pray for you right now. Take care and rest, instead of blogging.

  3. alice

    You need to finish the whole course of anitbiotics for it to work. Rest well and hope you have a speedy recovery. Take soft food and more liquid.

  4. Dear Wonda,
    Thanks again for your prayers. I am almost hip again! It has been porridge and soups for me for the past few days.

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