Two Is Better Than One

I thought about my friend that has to take care of her two young sons by herself because her husband works in another country.  Her relatives are in China.  What happens if she falls sick? 

I remember when Dad was not around, Mom was sick and Big Uncle brought her to the hospital and cooked her food.  A decade had passed, and Mom still talks about Big Uncle’s kindness.

One great woman who raised her kids by herself was my mother in law.  My husband was only 12 when his father went back to Taiwan to work.  He assumed the role of man of the house and took care of two younger sisters.  It is no wonder that sometimes I see him play games all night long.  I think it is because he missed being a kid.   My husband doesn’t talk much about his father, but he often talks about how he enjoyed playing Chinese chess with his grandfather back in Taiwan.  He even named all 3 of our girls after chess.   It must be tough for him to grow up without a father.

I thank God that my husband is close by and can take of the 3 girls while I recuperate, even though I have to clean up the mess they created while I bedrest….


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