Psalm 119 (Part 1 Of Many)

At last week’s church retreat, our speaker told us that when he can’t sleep at night, he would read Psalm 119.  He had memorized the whole chapter! 

What do you do when you can’t sleep?  I remember when I was a teenager, often times, I can’t sleep because I have lied to Mom about not getting my report card.   Pa, thanks for hiding the rotan (bamboo sticks) for me.  I wasn’t a good student, was I?  But, thanks to your prayers (and your pension money), I turned out quite well.  Pa, please relate to Mom that her grandkids just went into TAG (Talented And Gifted program).  We received the letters yesterday.  One letter for each kid.  I know Mom was worried that I hadn’t spend enough time studying with them. 

Back to Psalm 119, this is a good chapter to memorize and can be used when one is having trouble sleeping.  I tried to pick my favorite from this chapter and I have a hard time because they are all so good.  There are 176 verses in Psalm 119.  I will start by memorizing the following 4 verses:

11 I have hidden your word in my heart so that I won’t sin against you.

17 Be good to me, and I will live.  I will obey your word.

21 You correct proud people.  They are under your curse.

29 Keep me from cheating and telling lies.  Be kind and teach me your laws.


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3 responses to “Psalm 119 (Part 1 Of Many)

  1. Kenny Mah

    I used to be more proactive — I’d hide the rotans myself, hahahaa…

  2. Verse 11 is a popular verse. Good choice. I’m not good at memorizing. I’ve met an American speaker who has memorized the New Testament, or was it the whole bible?

    BTW, I’ve posted a response to your question to zany mum. Thanks for your support.

  3. Dear Lydia,

    Thanks for spending time to leave me a comment. I will check out Zany Mum tonight. My 22 month old is having a slight fever, it could be just teething induced. But, I want to be cautious, so I am bringing her to the doctor’s office this morning.

    My husband made a comment that I have a good memory (only remember his faults). Ha… I thought I would channel my bad thoughts into something more beneficial, like memorizing scriptures.

    God Bless!

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