Intense, Flavorful, Homemade Coffee

Have you ever feel overwhelmed with the number of choices in a coffee shop?  Single or double shot? Regular or grande?  Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte?  Decaf or Regular?  How about getting a cup of coffee that tastes burnt, or a latte that tastes diluted?   

I am not addicted to coffee.  However, once in a while, I would like to drink a cup of good Latte (Espresso + Milk).  To make good coffee, use fresh coffee beans, fresh filtered water and a powerful coffee machine.

After much research, I settled with the most compact machine with the most “power” that costs the least.  Since I like the creaminess in a cup of coffee, I also bought a milk frother.   Both of these gadgets can be easily stored away in my pantry.   It is very easy to use and cleanup is a breeze.

How can such a small machine produce such good coffee?  The secret lies in the pods.  Each pod contains coffee grounds to make a cup of Espresso.  The different pod colors represent different type, strength or intensity of the coffee.  These pods are samples that came with the coffee machine.  If there is a particular strength of coffee that I like, I make a note of the color and name on that pod and order it online.

 A good cup of Espresso (black coffee) has the presence of crema, a reddish-brown foam that floats on the surface of the espresso.   Because of its intense concentrated flavor, Espresso is the base for making Lattes (pour espresso first into cup then pour hot milk over it) and Cappuccino (fill cup with hot milk first, add espresso and top with milk froth).  The proportion is 2/3 milk and 1/3 espresso. 

If you like Hazelnut Lattes, just buy Hazelnut syrup and add it at the bottom of your serving cup.  A little goes a long way because the syrup is very sweet. 

My first attempt at making Cappuccino, not bad, eh?  

This is Espresso with crema on top.

This is what Latte looks like after I add hot milk.

I am still learning how to make a cup of Latte with Latte art on top.  In the meantime, if you are into Latte Art, check out the following links: 12 steps to Latte Art and Frothing Milk.

Someone at church this past weekend.  “We have had a hard time removing coffee stains from the carpet.  If you need to drink coffee, please put it in a sealed container.  Otherwise, don’t drink coffee.”

Jokingly, he continued to say,”Isn’t it better to sleep in church (God’s House) than to nap at home?”



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8 responses to “Intense, Flavorful, Homemade Coffee

  1. Kenny Mah

    Silly question: Why are the pods so colourful? Are they just containers for the espresso coffee? I do like a good cup of joe but I’m not very knowledgeable about coffee. 😦

  2. Actually, that is a good question. I was writing this post while reading to Little Chicken. I will edit this post.

  3. ahhh I bet you’ll start getting addicted to coffee soon. I don’t drink coffee at all… until a coffee machine came to my office pantry. I have to make my own every morning before i work.

  4. alice

    I am a coffee addict. I buy back the 2 in 1 coffee or ask my sister to send me. Love that instant coffee aroma and flavor!

  5. alice

    One question if you don’t mind. How did you suffer from shoulder tendonites? Interested to know cos my husband has pain in both his shoulder blades and felt suffocated in his lungs.

  6. Dear Wonda,

    No problem. I am not sure if I feel suffocated in my lungs but at times I do feel I can’t breathe. I have had this breathing problem since I was a little girl. It usually happens when I am studying. I used to ask my younger sister to read to me because of my breathing problem when I study. (That sister in particular is 4 years younger than me and she is now a radiation oncologist.)

    Shoulder Tendonitis is part of my life now. I praise God because often times, I don’t even feel the pain because I am busy with the kids, housework and blogging. I injured my shoulder at work, repetition or overuse. Working at a computer desk that was not straight made it worst.

    I don’t know if my breathing problem has anything to do with my shoulder tendonitis, I am guessing it may be just allergies. I have been to the doctors before and they always tell me I am healthy! Your husband needs to go to a doctor. If it is shoulder tendonitis, it may get worse. At one point, the pain spread to my neck and my whole right arm.

  7. Kenny Mah

    “The different pod colors represent different type, strength or intensity of the coffee. ”

    Ah, thanks. That makes so much more sense now. Very clever way of doing things actually. Draws fans back to certain pods/types of coffee and creates a following, I’m guessing.

  8. Kenny,

    Pods are hip now. I like it because the cleanup is easy (just throw the pod away). It is also simple to brew a cup of coffee using pods, just insert the pod and push the button.

    Opened packages of ground coffee lose their flavor when they are exposed to the air. However, since each pod is only opened at the time of brewing, freshness is guaranteed, for every single cup. You only open the pod that you drink, so no waste.

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