Food For Thought

It has been awhile since we ate at a bad restaurant.  We wanted to eat at Wong’s King yesterday night because my husband was craving for a bowl of hot soup.    Wong’s King has special soup of the day, served in a big chinese clay pot, only about $6.  We often have left over to take home.  Unfortunately, yesterday night, Wong’s King was closed to the public.  They had a wedding banquet.  So, we drove to the next restaurant down the road, chinese seafood restaurant.  They were open to public but too crowded.  Thank God, it wasn’t raining last night and our 21 month old was cooperating.  We set out to look for another restaurant to eat.  As we were about to turn into the Fubon supermarket, we saw a restaurant that had a huge sign, “Grand Opening”.  We thought we give it a try.  When we walked in, the restaurant was about 1/4 filled.  We chose the 3 men set dish that comes with soup and added a side dish, duck’s tongue.  We waited a long time for our food.  The soup was cold,  and the fish was not fresh.  I was also turned off by the high dosage of MSG.  After the bad meal, we went to the grocery store.  I was inspired to cook at home. 

I was inspired to write the above when I read this morning’s stream in the desert. 

Trials are the food of faith.  When trials come, our response should be, “My heavenly Father has placed this cup of trials into my hands, so I may have something pleasant later.” 


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  1. Kenny Mah

    Like the Chinese saying, first we have to take the bitter in order to enjoy the sweet later… So true, of everything from one’s career to romance to life in general.

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