Indian Food

Perhaps one of the best kept secret in Portland is the small Indian Restaurant offering buffet Monday through Friday.  My husband and I have been going to this restaurant almost every Friday for the past few months and the quality of the food remains high.  We hide the information that we are going to an indian restaurant from our 6 year old because usually if she knows we are going to indian restaurant, she would whine all the way, “I don’t want muddy food, I don’t want muddy food”.  After the first bite, she was hooked.  We heard no complaints from her because she was busy eating.  She even asks for refills of the mango dessert but my husband have to go back to work and there were other customers waiting for our table, so we left.  However, I did manage to snap a few photos before leaving.

There are two kinds of rice.  Today’s special rice was biryani chicken rice, with cinnamon stick, star anise, turmeric powder and other spices.  The last time we were there was lamb rice.  If it were not a buffet, I could just eat this delicious rice by itself.

The dish that is closest to the camera is dessert.  It has cardomom spice, indian rice sticks, raisins and almond nuts, that is slow cooked in sweet milk.

Even my 20 month old enjoyed the tandoori chicken.



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6 responses to “Indian Food

  1. alice

    From the way you describe, it must be good! Drooling now. The curry is not spicy hot for your kids?

  2. Kenny Mah

    O now I’m getting a hankering for briyani rice, the one from a stall in Malacca, my hometown — like you, I can polish off just the rice, no extras needed! 😉

    Start the kids on spicy young lah; I didn’t try anything spicy till I was 15, now I am the Spice King among my friends — a true chili-red-blooded Malaccan! 😀

  3. My kids really had a good time eating the naan, mango fruit mixture and tandoori. My 8 year old enjoyed the curry as much as us. She is a true Malaysian descendant! Little Tiger is a champion of spicy food, she is also into Szechuan spices as well. Her favorite is Ma Po To Fu. I apologize, the photo I took wasn’t very good. I was in a hurry.

  4. I love “muddy food” too! Near my location, we’re lucky to get delicious indian food too. And it’s also buffet-style. One of their rice dishes -saffron rice, never fail to bore my taste buds.

  5. Yenny

    What is the name of the Indian Restaurant if you don’t mine to tell me. So probably I can try them next time since we live in Portland…

  6. The Indian Restaurant is called Lentil Garden and it is in Hillsboro, next to Massage Envy. The older man over there is a gentleman with few words but always friendly. My husband and I have tried two other Indian restaurants here in Portland and we found this to be the best. Let me know what you think if you go there. Make sure you get some Naans (Indian bread) fresh from the oven.

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