I have felt the urge to post on this topic for a while.    And perhaps this is not the final post on this topic because this is my constant battle. 

(reference: Kitchen Table Counseling – KTC)  Anger is a strong emotion that inflames and enrages the one who feels it, is normally a secondary response to other emotions, such as frustration, helplessness and fear.  Just as pain can signal an illness, so anger can be a symptom of an unhealed hurt.  While anger can be appropriate and godly – as was Jesus’ anger at the money changers in the temple, or at the hypocrisy of the Pharisees – our anger can be destructive if we do not deal with it appropriately.

So, what makes me angry.  A few days ago, I was angry at Little Tiger for not coming to my aid.   She had wanted me to do something.  I told her no, not right now but I need your help.  Little Tiger then said, “If I help you, will you do that for me?”  Her tone of voice and question made me angry.  I felt she should have helped me unconditionally.  I responded by a big sigh and said, “Forget it.” 

Dear Precious, I am sorry for all my past mistakes.  Mommie prays for wisdom and asks God to put a guard over my mouth.

James 1:5 If any of you needs wisdom, ask God for it.  He will give it to you.  God gives freely to everyone.  

(James 1:6 But when you ask, you must believe.)

Psalm 141:3 Lord guard my mouth, keep watch over the door of my lips.

Food For Thought

We were invited to a sister’s house last night and I made the “hip chang”. I call it hip because I came up with the recipe. It is a modified nyonya chang. Instead of using the blue color extract from bunga telang, I used, “black glutinous rice”. I don’t have the exact recipe for this one yet because it was produced by taste and experiment. My oldest daughter was gracious enough to be my food taster. They had a good time learning how to wrap a bah chang.

The translucent square piece is not lard.  It is a piece of winter melon.  The dark red color is from black glutinous rice.  The filling is Nyonya Pork Stew.


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4 responses to “Anger

  1. Lil Tiger is still young and things like that can be taught especially “unconditional” stuff. She’ll learn best by example tho, when she sees you doing it, she’ll pick it up sooner or later. As for your anger, dun be too hard on yourself, we all have days like dat.

  2. Peter Chong

    Dearest Lee Ping,
    Sorry to learn that your child has been rude and thus caused your anger.
    Never feel sad or angry at your child. Just advise and teach her the right way to conduct herself. Everything will work out to your satisfaction. Be patient and be tolerant.
    These are the qualities you need to nurture in you.
    The children will learn from you by your examples.
    Good luck and God bless.

  3. alice

    We all go through days like that. You are not alone. Do you know of Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family?

  4. Kenny Mah

    If it helps at all, know that kids don’t mean what they say, even if they say they do. They don’t mean their carelessness or thoughtlessness either.

    Luckily, parents have shorter memories than the breadth of their love, else I’d been given up upon by my folks a long time ago! 😉

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