Heart, This Post Is For You…

Recently, my husband has shown interests in my “Daily Journals”.  So, I have decided to dedicate this post for him.   

I thank God for you because you:

  1. are never too embarrassed to carry my purse for me in public.
  2. are never too tired to change diapers.
  3. never refuse a snack from me, even when it is burnt.
  4. etc.

But, most of all, I thank God for you because you fear Him.  

I read the following from “Kitchen Table Counseling” tonight, “When you recognize that he will not be the ideal person you want him to be, then you will be free to enjoy him on the level that he is able to contribute. When you acknowledge that that person cannot change and then release your right to the pain of your disappointments to God as a love gift, you can be free to appreciate what the person can be to you.  God’s plan may be different from what you expect, but He means for  this to bring about spiritual beauty in your life.”  I truly desire to please God, but need your help to mature.  My dream is to make a difference for others so that my soul is not being wasted.

Daddy’s Favorite Chinese Snack – Chinese Leek Box / Garlic Chives Box / Turnovers (Jiu Cai He Zi)

This is my husband favorite Chinese snacks.  If you like the smell and taste of leek, this is the dish for you.  It looks complicated but it is actually quite simple to make.  As you can see from the photo, there are only 4 main ingredients, leeks, pressed bean curd, dried shrimp and bean threads.

Soak the bean thread in cold water and use a pair of scissors to cut the threads into small pieces.   Wash and cut the leeks into small pieces, as shown.  Cut the pressed bean curds into small cubes.  If the dried shrimps are too large, you can chop them up as well.

Heat pan and add 2-3 tbsp of oil.  Fry the dried shrimp first.  Then add pressed bean curd, bean threads, and leek.  Add seasonings 2 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 t pepper and mix well.  Turn off heat and let it cool.

Next, prepare the dough.  2 cups of flour (all purpose), 1/2 cup boiling water, 1/4 cup cold water.  I use chopsticks to mix the mixture.  Add the cold water in slowly, as needed.

Knead the dough smooth and elastic.

Divide into 10-12 pieces and cover with plastic wrap to prevent the dough from drying.

Place one portion of the filling in the center of a dough circle.  Fold the dough in half.  Press edges together to enclose filling.  Heat the pan and add 1/2 cup oil.  Pan fry the turnovers on both sides over low heat until they are golden brown.  Remove and serve.  (reference: Chinese Snacks by Huang Su Huei)


Daddy enjoying (好小子) cartoon with Little Chicken.


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6 responses to “Heart, This Post Is For You…

  1. Kenny Mah

    Oh it looks delicious! Never had them before myself, to be honest, but now am gonna persuade my friends to let me take over their kitchen over the weekend, haha…

    Your husband sounds like a swell guy, and you more so for noticing that. 🙂

  2. I love this toooo 😦 I remembered this in the ang ku kueh dough version, steamed one, so so good, oh..I think its with dikon(turnip) and dried shrimps, anyway, thanks for the reminder !:)

  3. alice

    That was garlic chives (ku chai), not leeks. Leeks belong to the onion family. Japanese leek is called naganegi. Your husband looks kind, gentle and handsome.

  4. MeltingWok,
    Is the ang ku kueh dough version something that looks like http://cafeoftheeast.blogspot.com/2007/03/spinach-png-kuih.html
    Dikon and dried shrimp is a great combination.

    Alice, in wikipedia “leek” that I used is
    Garlic chives (Simplified Chinese: 韭菜; Traditional Chinese: 韭菜; pinyin: jiucài) are also known as Chinese chives, Chinese leek, Ku chai, Oriental garlic chives or, in Japanese, Nira (kanji: 韮; hiragana: にら; katakana: ニラ). I will update my post to make it clearer. Thanks!

    Kenny, it is 韮菜 that you should get this weekend, if you are attempting this dish. I wonder if Malaysia even sells leeks (the fat kind).

  5. Kenny Mah

    I think I need more luck securing a kitchen rather than the leeks themselves, haha. Poor bachelor boy…

  6. You’ve just reminded me that I need to dedicate a post to my loving husband too!

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