Law Of Physics

My husband told me something about physics, though he isn’t truly a physicist.  He said,

“The second law of thermal dynamics, about universe’s disorder, basically states that, it takes energy to maintain a certain degree of order.  When no energy is exercised, the universe (and corrollarily, our house), will tend toward more disorder.” 

Yes, I am ashamed that I have neglected house work.  What happened to the queen of order?  The main culprit was blogging.  I have been blogging as though it was my last day on earth.

This morning, I decided to do some house cleaning.   My 20 month old was helping me, so now she is taking her nap.  In 5 minutes, my 8 and 6 year old will be home.  So, I will end here with my favorite book in the Bible, the book of Proverbs.

Proverbs 14:1  A wise woman builds her house.  But a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands.

Food for thought

A Chai


Deep fried lard…

Nyonya Pork Stew

(coriander seeds, shallots, garlic, cinnamon stick, sugar, black pepper, black soy and soysauce)



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4 responses to “Law Of Physics

  1. alice

    Blogging is addictive. I used to blog everyday but now I blog when I am free or have something important to share.

  2. Dear Alice,
    Last night, my husband commented that the house looked tidy and clean. So, I will continue to be a “wise woman and build my home”. By the way, check out my new dessert link, cafe of the east. I found her link from Lily’s website. I will attempt her recipes one day. I was drooling at the desserts on her blog especially kuih gading galoh!

  3. Kenny Mah

    I’m the same way as Alice, esp. with my new job now. Only blog when I have the time or something interesting to share.

    So, blog as much as you can, while you can! 🙂

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