God, I Cannot Hear You

I was at weekly Bible Study yesterday and we studied the book of John.  Jesus performed 8 miracles in that book.  These miracles all have signs associating with them.  I thought, if I were living in that time, I would never have problems with my faith as I can see Jesus performing all these miracles and Jesus talking to me.  Yes, the miracles that we see in our lives today is different from the 8 miracles that Jesus performed.  Nonetheless, miracles exist.  The births of my three girls, for example, are miracles from God.

I learned that in order to hear God, we must constantly feed on God’s words.  Otherwise, we will be forever like a baby crawling around.  I have decided to start walking and experience God in my life. 

This morning’s reading from Stream in the Desert is

A still small voice (1 Kings 19:12) whispered in the depths of my soul.  Be still and know that I am God. (Psalms 46:10)  The words were spoken with power and I obeyed.  I composed myself, bringing my body to complete stillness, and forced my troubled spirit into quietness.  Only then while looking up and waiting, did I know that it was God who had spoken. 

To hear God, we need to spend time to study His words. 


For Lunch, we decided to go to Fuddruckers.  An American Burger place.  Chocolate Milkshake was fulfilling and a great compliment to burgers.


We ordered ostrich burger and buffalo burger.  The burger is made fresh to order and the bar has cheese, fresh lettuce and tomatoes with other condiments to top the burger.

We also enjoyed the complimentary roasted peanuts.


Beach Plan Cancelled…
…because it started to rain.  So, Little Tiger and Dragon went to a Matinee (Mimzy) with Daddy.  Mom had almost 2 hours of shopping time at the outdoor mall.  Decided to go for a complimentary mini facial first.


Little Chicken was very cooperative.  She slept most of the time in her stroller.  There is a plastic covering over the top of the stroller because it was drizzling.

Portland is well known for its flowers.  One of the side benefits from the frequent rainfall.

Little Chicken finally woke up.  She is eating the leftover French Fries from lunch.

Easter usually includes bunny and plastic egg shells filled with candy.

Little Tiger posing for the camera…

Little Tiger and Little Dragon

I found out that I was not allowed to take photo of the store.  However, photos of my kids are OK.  This shop has a great selection of cheeses.


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