Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (台湾牛肉麵)

William mentioned this dish twice after his trip back from Taiwan.  So, I decided to make it for dinner tonight.  Check out the recipe in the Taiwanese Good Eats page.  



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7 responses to “Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (台湾牛肉麵)

  1. Sorry, pretty busy these days to drop by. Will try this recipe. Ate a kind of beef noodle (dry type) in Pahang once, it’s called “gau nam” and in Penang, they have soup type. Was looking for these two recipes but not sure if the one you posted is the same. Thanks.

  2. Please call me wonda when you comment.

  3. Dear Wonda,
    The beef noodle soup that I posted is the Taiwanese version. Speaking from a Malaysian to another Malaysian, you will like this dish.

  4. I love beef noodles!!! Will try this recipe one day. Just hope that I can get all the ingredients here.

  5. I only eat my 台湾牛肉麵 in eateries/cafes/restaurants. I don’t know how to cook any Taiwan signature dish. :O

  6. Kenny Mah

    It looks so good and simple and FRESH. *mouth waters*

  7. Dear Kenny,
    Tell you a secret. The beef and soup were a success. However, my handmade noodles did not turn out as well. My engineer husband asked me, “Did you use high gluten flour?” Wow, I did not know he was so well verse in cooking. I told him, “I used all purpose and wheat flour”. Then he said, “Ooh, that is why the noodles are not Q.” So, if your future wife make you some handmade noodles that is not continuous, you will have a smart remark to make to her, “Hey honey, why don’t you use high gluten flour next time?”

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