Pay It Forward

One of my favorite movie is “Pay It Forward”. It is about a twelve-year-old boy who accepts the challenge that his teacher gives his class, a chance to earn extra credit by coming up with a plan to change the world for the better — and to put that plan into action.

What was his idea? The boy chose three people for whom he will do a favour, they should each “pay it forward” by choosing three people for whom they can do favours, and in turn telling those people to pay it forward.

It is a human chain of kindness and good will. As you can imagine, the number of people participating in this movement increases binomially.

Yesterday, I met a new blogger that shares the same faith as me. First, Lydia, then Wonda and now Beckysmum. This is so exciting. May we spread a contagious healthy flu all over the internet. Let’s pay it forward.



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10 responses to “Pay It Forward

  1. Kenny Mah

    I’ve watched the film too, and found it a great concept. But I think it only applies if the person you help offers to return in kind; otherwise we should help others unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

    Now, if the person insists on returning the favour that’s when the Pay It Forward concept can be put in place and I think it’s great. Again, however, it’s really up to the recipient to take this on — don’t you agree?

  2. Dear Kenny,

    It was the binomial factor that I was after. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Kenny Mah

    No worries, I do think it’s a great idea after all. I always try to help anyone whenever I can cos a lot of times in my life I’ve depended on the kindness of strangers, with no possibility of me returning the favour directly to them since there’s no way of meeting again.

    So just keep on givin’…. 🙂

  4. alice

    Glad we share the same faith. But we must also show forth our faith. I don’t quite like the ending of that movie. Kind of sad. I didn’t let my son watch it cos of some scenes in the movie. Have you watched Patch Adams?

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Kenny.

    Wonda, Patch Adams is based on a true story, except the real Patch’s wife did not die. In fact, Dr. Patch and his wife have 2 sons together. It is hard to make a sick person smile and that is what Patch does. Patients named him “Patch” because he patched their loneliness. This doctor is not only funny, but he is compassionate and generous. I watched this movie twice. Now that I know his real wife did not die, I will watch it again with my kids.

  6. alice

    Hmm….I think your girls better not watch the last part of Patch Adams. Maybe the story is too deep for younger kids. Check out each movie before you let kids watch it.

  7. alice

    October Sky is a good one to watch. An inspirational movie of hope. It’s my favorite.

  8. alice

    Oops, sorry, I am beginning to sound like a busybody or a big sis.

  9. Dear Wonda,
    I appreciate all your comments, even the big sis kind. However, we went a little off tangient on this post. I had wanted to present my thought of changing the INTERNET WORLD to a better place for our next generation. I would like to share what I heard from one of the recent sermons. A Chinese man always gave aid to Blacks. When asked why, he said, when he was living in the east coast, often, his old car tires punctured or break down on the highway. And each time that happened, only black men came to his rescue. These black men helped a complete stranger. And like Kenny mentioned in his comment, there is no way, these men will ever be paid back for their kindness. This is a great example of “Pay It Forward” as this Chinese men put aside all his prejudices against Blacks and help other Black men that crosses his path.

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