Welcome Back

Welcome back from Taiwan…  My little Tiger and Dragon. (歡迎你們回來!)

Little Tiger, the mosquitoes bites will go away but the sweet memories spent in Taiwan will last a lifetime.

My little dragon has no front teeth. 

My little chicken, nickname Pi Shiong  (Naughty and Fiesty), missed two older sisters dearly while they were away for a week. 


More photos taken at the neighborhood’s Park.  Little Dragon, are you trying to remove Little Tiger’s boots?

Little Dragon, that is a beautiful swing.  Are you skipping one bar at a time?

Little Chicken mastered the slides by herself without any coaching.  Wow, third child survival skills are high.

The cherry blossom trees are not as lush as a week ago.  Hey, Little Chicken, what are you looking at?


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Filed under Stream in the Hip Desert 新沙漠甘泉

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