Goodies From Taiwan

Thank God, William and the kids are back from Taiwan, safe and sound.  They even remember to bring me back some Taiwanese bakery. 

This pizza looking pie has layers of different texture.  Not too sweet and yes, it is addictive.  The top layer is pastry followed by a thin layer of red bean.  The center layer is mochi, kind of like marshmallows.  The bottom layer is pine nuts.

This next one is called “Dan Wang Shu”  Egg Yolk Pastry.  I like the sweetness from the redbean and the saltyness from the egg yolk.


The following is a fishing game that grandma and auntie Wendy bought for the kids.   


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4 responses to “Goodies From Taiwan

  1. alice

    Never eaten that pizza before. Second pix. sort of reminds me of mooncake. Glad your kids are safely back. Told you that there is nothing to worry about. They are safe in God’s hands.

  2. Dear Alice,

    Appreciate your comments. Sorry, I deleted one of your comments yesterday because I thought it was SPAM. Why the name change? Is everything OK?

  3. Actually, I am called Alice. Wonda is just my blog name. Sorry, for the confusion. I don’t think your blog will be spammed. The armor of God is there to shield it.

  4. Dear Wonda,
    Thanks for faithfully visiting my blog and making me feel not so LONELY. Actually, I have been consistently visiting your blog. Sometimes, shamefully, even twice a day. Do you have a preference to what I call you, Alice or Wonda? By the way, for a brief moment, I made it to “Blog of the minute” on wordpress homepage. Out of curiosity, I looked down the list and saw another blogger sharing the same faith as us:

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