Black Moss

Fa Chai 发菜 (black moss) contain no nutritional value, it has been found to contain a toxic amino acid linked to degenerative diseases affecting the normal functions of nerve cells, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Check out this link.

I just trashed a bag of Fa Chai. Felt sad because it was not cheap. But, I did get a chance to take a photo and posted it here.
(Little Corner of Mine, thanks again for the info and link.)



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6 responses to “Black Moss

  1. hm… i think a lot of “emperor” dishes uses this black moss? Better ask my mom not to put this in the braised mushroom and chicken feet dish that she loves already.

  2. Dear Teckiee,
    Thanks for stopping by. I thought of you when I saw the link ytower. Check out “Links to other Taiwanese recipes”. Perhaps it will inspire you to host your own cooking show.

  3. Aiya, Lee, if like that, then everything cannot eat liao lor!

  4. Kenny Mah

    No worries here; I always avoid it myself since childhood … found it a bit “iffy” but my family likes it so gotta warn them. Thanks for the update!

  5. I used to eat this during Chinese New Year. Only recently, I heard some news telecasted over HK TV about its toxicity. Usually see Facai in盆菜 or 一品锅

  6. It’s popularity during Chinese New Year (may be in the old days) is mainly because is a homophone with “get wealthy”.

    Fat choy 發菜 – 發財

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