Architects, Bricklayers and Laborers

To complete a house, the world needs architects to design, bricklayers to lay the foundation and laborers to carry out the rest.  Similarly, God is the architect, we are the bricklayers and laborers. 

“We must not overlook the fact that faith on our part helps God carry out His plans.  Be willing to come to the help of the Lord.  Today let us attempt great things for God, taking His faith to believe great things and taking His strength to accomplish them!” Cowman.

Isn’t it amazing that we are God’s laborers as you have distorted vision and I have shoulder tendonites? So, Wonda let’s march forward, with our quest to encourage other women to do what is pleasing to God…. 

Eating Out, Leftovers and Instant Noodles
Not sure if you noticed, these couple of days, there has been less food photos and recipes posted.  The reason is I have not been cooking.  It is tough to cook for one person.  My two older kids are with Daddy in Taiwan paying respects to their deceased grandfather.  I am excited that they will be home soon.


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3 responses to “Architects, Bricklayers and Laborers

  1. Aw, such sweet, cute kids you have! Sometime ago, I first came across your blog (though now I don’t remember how) when you were posting about Bak Kua (DIY), . That’s what I was craving for. But it was only recently that I felt the need to post when you wrote about your negative thoughts on the safety of your kids. I suppose when your kids are away from you, every mother worries and misses them.

  2. Forgot to tell you something. I tried your DIY Bak Kua recipe by using thin slices of pork. I grilled it in a toaster and ate it with bun. Scrumptious! I have been looking for that recipe for a long time. I’m glad I bumped into you. Thanks.

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