Dear Wonda, continue your courage

I decided to post my reply after repeated failures to post my comments on your page.  Thank God, I was able to save today’s comments, so that I don’t have to retype it.  Today’s comments was a little different from yesterday’s but the main idea is there.

Dear Wonda,

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I am retyping what I couldn’t send yesterday.  I know what had happened.  The username that I typed in was incomplete.

Ironically, I had asked about God’s sign.  I was drawn to Lydia’s blog and it had inspired me to brave enough to reconstruct my blog to highlight “Streams in the Dessert”. I wanted to help other women because I felt that was my calling, with my recipes, tips in life, etc.

God had blessed me with a wonderful family.  And I pray that He will continue to bless me.

I read your “About Me”, your husband and son is supportive of you that they help you proofread.  God does not cause bad things to happen to us.  I am touched by your courage and will power to blog even with one eye.  And your dreams of becoming a writer will be fulfilled in His Time.  I was told by my sisters in Christ, don’t be shy to ask what your heart desires. 

Please check out Kenny Mah’s blog for writing ideas.  He is a writer that I recently stumbled by accident.

Lastly, thanks for your W.C. humor.  To show you how miraculous our God is, my husband’s original initial was W.C.  His father changed my husband’s initial when they were coming to the western country many years ago for fear that he will be teased.  

OK.  I better stop typing and send this before I lose it all again like yesterday.


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5 responses to “Dear Wonda, continue your courage

  1. God prompted me to comment the other day. Let’s encourage each other. Thank you for posting your reply and encouragement.

  2. Dear Wonda,
    Every word that you type for me is greatly treasured because I can imagine how hard it is for you because you lost one eye.

    I started reading your past postings and I simply cant stop.

    You are a courageous woman. I will continue to read your blog now.

  3. Kenny is a recent commenter on my blog. Keep blogging. One day it might touch somebody’s heart. The blog is a public domain and I’m sure there are people reading your post.

  4. By the way, I can see still, though a little distorted vision.

  5. Kenny Mah

    I think you’re both courageous women who believe strongly enough in your faith to express yourselves and to keep pushing forward. That is admirable.

    Yes, blogs are public and everyone can read them, so that’s not really within our control. What is simply would be the courage to write from the heart. Open and honest.

    Thank you for being both, both of you. 🙂

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