God’s Signs

I was asking about God’s signs yesterday night.  And this morning I got my assurance, another blogger who is also a sister in Christ, wrote to me.

No desire will ever be placed in you by the Holy Spirit unless He intends to fulfill it.  So let your faith rise up and soar away to claim all the land you can discover.  S.A. Keen 

And now some food for thought.  I made this simple, yet delicious dish last Friday night.  Check out the recipe in the  Other Simple Dishes page.

I have a friend that always have room for dessert.  My friend, L, this photo is to inspire you to cook when you don’t feel like it.

We took this photo of my Mom a year ago when she visited us here in Portland, Oregon.   She was laughing about an incident that happened at the Met train the day before.  I love this photo.

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  1. I think you resemble your mom. She looked happy.

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