Sunny Day in Portland Yeah!!!

We ate “Chee Cheong Fun” for breakfast this morning.  Recipe posted in my “Malaysian Food” page.  Then we headed out to the Elephant’s Delicatessen and 23rd street. 

It is almost easter.  Easter bunny along with some colorful chocolates becomes one of the many centerpieces around this deli.

We ate their fresh artichoke chicken pizza and lamb soup.  And to take home, a piece of gourmet cheese.  You can read more about the cheese in my “wine and cheese” page.

There’s “du-du” eating her pizza.  Yummo!
Pottery Barn on 23rd street has recently expanded its store to include the Bed and Bath department as well.  I was there a month ago for a class and it looked pretty good inside.

23rd street is a hip and trendy shopping and restaurant area.  Two things I dread is expensive price tag and parallel parking.  I did, however, found a bargain shoe shop, Ether.  Sometimes, they mark down their shoes to $5 if there are only a few left.   The following store is Urban Outfitters. 

  I tried to capture a photo of daddy and the kids.  I think I did pretty well, considering our baby kept moving around.
 And for dinner, we went to NakWon on 1st street in Beaverton.  I did not eat too much pizza, so I was starving by 4:30pm.  The following is the complimentary side dishes they offered us tonight.  Their steam eggs was good.  I thought the anchovies could be a little crispier.  After the hearty meal, we decided to go to Costco.  Ironically, I bought a Korean cook book written by Wei Chuan there for only $9.99.  Hymm, I should start a page on Korean food in the near future.



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3 responses to “Sunny Day in Portland Yeah!!!

  1. Kenny Mah

    Your kids look sooooo cute!! 😀

    And the pix of the food, well, let’s say I’m nearly drooling now… Food blogs can be so bad for my waistline, haha.

  2. Yenny

    We just move to Portland for 3 years is that any Malaysian restaurant you can recommend???


  3. Hi Yenny,

    Welcome to Portland. How are you adjusting to Portland’s rainy season?

    There is a Malaysian Restaurant called Malay Satay Hut, next to Fubon Supermarket in Portland. The owner of this restaurant has 2 other restaurants in Seattle. We used to eat there on our drive to Vancouver, Canada and bring home take outs back to Portland. The owner is from Penang, Malaysia. His wife is a beautiful lady.

    Indian Rojak is delicious but sometimes the shrimp critters on the rojak are too hard to eat, perhaps over fried?

    My kids love their chicken satay and roti canai. Beef satay is a bit dry.

    Hokkein Mee tastes authentic with crispy lard. I usually request extra beehoon to be added, as this dish is on the saltier side.

    I love their acar. And this is one of the side dishes that I usually order because it is tedius to make it at home.

    Rice is $1 a bowl, the last time we were there. To save some money, you could order beef rendang to go and eat it with rice at home.

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