The Wise and Learned

While I reading stream of the desert this morning, I was distracted by my 2 daughters out of tune singing in the background.  They were singing “Amazing Grace”.  the lyrics were, “Once I was blind, but now I see.” 

Cowman wrote, “God still has His secrets – hidden from ‘the wise and learned’ (Luke 10:21).  Do not fear these unknown things, but be content to accept the things you cannot understand and to wait patiently.  In due time, He will reveal the treasures of the unknown to you.

I remembered yesterday’s bible study talked about John chapter 4 where Jesus healed the official son.  Even though the official had all the riches in the world, he could not save his dying son.  At the end, he humbled himself and came to Jesus for help.

John Chapter 5, Jesus healed a disabled man.  I am awakened by God’s words on verse 14,  “Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” Evil or bad things does not come from God.  However, if we continue to sin,  devil has more opportunity to tempt us.


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