To be healthy, we all need to eat three meals a day (some may need more than three, others will need less). 

Similarly, to be healthy mentally, we will need to enhance our spiritual knowledge.  I have a few girlfriends that do Yoga.  I have another girlfriend that studies her “buddha bible” for at least two hours a day. 

Recently, I went to a marriage seminar.  The speakers were a loving couple.  They told us the secret of their marriage was that they were in love with someone else.  That really got my attention!

It turned out, they were both in love with the Lord.  A seed was planted in my heart to learn more about God.  I started going to church and also encouraged my family to go to church.

However, just going to church is not enough.  It is like going to the grocery store or restaurant just to look at food. It is not enough to satisfy our hunger.  We need to buy the food and eat the food.

Hence, the birth of Stream in the (Hip) Desert.  Hip because I am hip.  This blog is my daily journal of how I want to learn to love the Lord.  Only when I love and feed on His words, will I be able to love others. 


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