Where are You, when I needed you?

When you have several things going on at the same time, you pray that God can answer your prayer. My 19 month old took off her diapers today. She self-initiated potty-train. Although i was hesitant in allowing her to walk around the house not wearing any diapers, I prayed to God. to help me out. At this same time, my 6 year old was screaming at me to fry her some curry puffs. That poor girl must be tired. She is usually fussy when she gets home from school. My mood was still good until my little angel had a small accident. Luckily, it was on our wooden high chair. At this same time, the curry puffs were not doing well at all. They were opening up at the seams!

Eventually, I managed to calm my 6 year old with some curry puffs, clean up the mess that baby had made, bathe the baby and fixed all the seams to the curry puffs.

It was ladies-night-out for me. Instead of taking a shower to rid of the oily smell, I sprayed on a thick coat of perfume to cover any unpleasant odor. Put on a nice dress and heals, slap on some Bare Essentuals and lipsticks, and off I go.

I thought, “Did God did not answer my prayers? Did He not love me anymore? Was it not appropriate to pray for such things”. Then I remember a “footprints” frame that I have. In that frame, God said, “You only see a set of footprints because I was carrying you.” Indeed, God was carrying me. William came home early enough for me to have a good ladies’ night out.



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2 responses to “Where are You, when I needed you?

  1. esthertychiang

    I loved your sharing! Keep them coming!
    God was there…when His Son was crucified on our behalf…

  2. Dear Esther,

    Thanks for your encouragements. Sometimes, I forget that God is there for me. All I need is to trust him.

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