Hazelnut Latte and Almond Croissants

Hazelnut Latte

Life is good. It is NOT perfect, but it is good. I had this idea while I was sipping my hazelnut latte. Immediately, when I got home, I put my 19 month old to bed with a bottle of milk and started to post my thoughts.

I started going back to church about three weeks ago. And just an hour ago, I started praying, thanking God for my delicious latte. Who knows, maybe one day, I can even have the wisdom to pray aloud in public.

If I spill a drop of coffee on my white blouse, I see that. In the past, I have often concentrated on cleaning off that tiny spot, even tried bleaching it! Similarly, in my daily life, I forgot to see the numerous blessings, I only saw imperfections.

This is a hard lesson to learn. In a couple of hours, my 2 older daughters, will come home from school. I need to practice to see just the white and overlook the tiny black spots.

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